1-Aerobic wastewater treatment system:

Other products of this company in the field of wastewater treatment are health and hospital prefabricated metal package. this package is designed and manufactured in various capacities of 5 m3/d to 200 m3/d, depending on the capacity it is composed of one to three pieces.

Two methods are used in this type of package:

a) Extended aeration (deep) using the blower aeration (activated sludge)

b) Surface aeration (the fast and slow) for the decomposition of sewage

Advantages of Metal Package:

-Easy Locating and no change in the structure type.

-Effluent According to environmental standards.

-The use of wastewater for agriculture , landscape Irrigation and washing.

-Requires minimal construction and minimum space for installation.

Locations used:

-          Hospitals

-          Towns and large residential complexes and villas

-          Garrison, factories , large manufacturing and industrial complexes

-          Parks and sport and social centers

2- Chemical wastewater treatment

Factories sewage such as textile , electroplating , etc. has high COD. Such wastewater COD reduction usually the process of coagulation , flocculation used. thus the first wastewater is tested via several methods such as jar test and etc. , after determining the type and amount of coagulant and such the incoming wastewater flow the package will be designed.

chemical treatment package is composed of following different parts:

1- The rapid mixing

2- The slow mixing

3- The sedimentation

4- PH control